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How the E-light works?

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E-light means “electricity+light”, which is the new technology combining with IPL and RF;

The first E-light was made in Israel, the first E-light was sold on December, 2001;





1.    Skin-cooling system;

2.    Intense pulsed light;

              3.     RF Bipolar system



The core theory of E-light:

1.    E-light can treat for darker skin than IPL;

2.    Pre-cooling the epidermis, this can cause the temperature differences between the epidermis and dermis, this can help the Radio Frequency reach the best penetration effect;

3. Pre-cooling the epidermis, the energy of RF can reach the aimed- treatment area which has been heated by Intense       pulsed light(such as veins, hair follicle,melanin,etc)