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What is Cryolipolysis?

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Through thefreezingeffect, remove thefatcelltriglycerideoffheat, and will remainat4 ℃,sothe coldcoagulation, and thereforepremature agingand death.Fatcells inthe cold, it will startclearingthe naturaldecompositionprocess, so thatgraduallythinnerfat layer. Through the normalmetabolic processes, decreasingthefat layer, to achievethe purpose ofpartialmeltingfat.


Working theory:

Magia-I machine has the functions of cryolipolysis, Vacuum suction, bipolar RF, and Infrared laser therapy, it is a high-tech micro-computer control machine which is effective in slimming, body shaping and skin beauty.

    Using near-infrared to adjust the body's impedance, by making the skin temperature rise to reduce the impedance of rf energy, in order to guide RF energy into connective tissue. At the same time, using the Cryolipolysis vaccum into the fat layer 5-15mm, effectively decomposing subcutaneous fatand hypertrophy of adipose tissue metabolism, smooth, changing the size of the fat layer, dissolved quantity reduced fat cells, to achieve slimming and body shaping perfect effect.